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Mission Milaap

We believe that it is the first Right and desire of every person to live with their family. Therefore, reuniting the lost persons with their families is one of the prime objectives of the society. So far we have been able to deliver happiness to more than 120 families by handing over their lost family members.

The missing persons who arrive at the Ashram are generally mentally challenged, disturbed and depressed. At the time of their admission, they don't remember their names even. After A lot of care and medical treatment when they recall their residential addresses or native village, town or city, the members of the trust start day and night efforts to trace their families by way of tracing the location of their villages, concerned Police Stations and through the Internet. After tracing, the concerned police authorities are contacted and inmates' details and photographs are shared with them. After making frequent phone calls and reminders either the families/ guardians come to receive their lost member or in case of underprivileged families, they are handed over personally at their residence in presence of concerned police authorities. With these efforts, we have been able to reunite inmates from far-flung states like West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, etc.

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