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Founder's History

Thousands of road accident victims got timely ambulance service, hundreds of people got blood in an emergency, were mentally retarded and forgotten by everyone, eating from garbage bins, had to stay on roads for physical exploitation got shelter, food, clothing & medicine when “Bhai Kanhaiya Manav Sewa Trust” extended its helping hand to them. This is all made possible by the efforts and positive thinking of youths. One of them “Bhai Gurvinder Singh” was brutally injured in an accident and admitted to
local civil hospital but they referred him to D.M.C. hospital Ludhiana in a critical condition. In this accident, his both arms, one leg, ribcage and backbone got fractured. After a long treatment of four months, Doctors declared his rest life would be remain on a wheelchair,
due to the lower part of his body getting paralysed. At the time of his treatment in D.M.C. hospital Ludhiana, Bhai Gurvinder Singh noticed a group of volunteers who were serving

milk and bread to the patients in the morning & evening after seeing this, he got inspired by the service of youths and thought to start this kind of service in Sirsa. After discharging from D.M.C. hospital Ludiana, Bhai Gurvinder Singh didn’t leave the hope. He went to many hospitals for better treatment. In this course three years were passed but lower limbs of the body was not responding positively. In this situation, most people go into depression but he wants to serve helpless people with positive thinking and life again went busy with routine work. That night Bhai Gurvinder Singh could not sleep again and again, that incident was hovering in his mind. He recalled the social services provided at D.M.C. hospital Ludhiana by some dedicated volunteers. Then next morning he decided to share his plan of social service with his friends: Ranjeev Garg, Rishi pal Jindal, Harbhans Lal Jindal, Sudhir Marodia and Gurmeet Singh Kuka.
All these friends praised his idea of social service and agreed to register a committee on the name of great personality in Sikh history & symbol of humanity BHAI KANHAIYA a disciple of Guru GOBIND SINGH JI. Then the committee decided to serve milk to patients in the civil hospital from 1st January 2005. In this way, ‘Bhai Kanhaiya Manav Sewa Smiti’ comes into existence.On 1st January 2005 the NGO “Bhai Kanhaiya Manav Sewa Samiti” was established and which later changed into ‘Bhai Kanhaiya Manav Sewa Trust’ to serve the homeless, helpless destitute and sick persons, who were facing a very painful phase of life. The organization established ‘Bhai Kanhaiya Ashram (Residential home for destitute) on 8 January 2011, is taking care of specially-abled Children, Women, Men and Elderly inmates, where all necessities like medical treatment, food, clothing, care and other requirements are provided without any charges with public support. The trust has served 710 persons since 2011. Appx. 370 specially-abled persons were cured and sent back to their home. Presently, we have 345 Children, Women, Men and Elderly inmates who are residing in the shelter home, run and maintained by the Bhai Kanhaiya Ashram, Further, the District Administration and other respective departments, under which the trust is being registered are checking the working of Ashram/trust and the activities of the trust has been found more than satisfactory and also being appreciated by various authorities including the Justice of Punjab and Haryana High Court and the Chief Minister of Haryana Sh. Manohar Lal Khatter.