Gurvinder Singh

Founder & President
Bhai Kanahaiya Manav Sewa Trust NGO
Sirsa, Haryana , India

Gurvinder Singh was brutally injured in an accident and admitted to local civil hospital but they referred him to D.M.C. hospital Ludhiana in a critical condition. In this accident, his both arms, one leg, ribcage and backbone got fractured. After a long treatment of four months, Doctors declared his rest life would be remain on a wheelchair, due to the lower part of his body getting paralysed. At the time of his treatment in D.M.C. hospital Ludhiana, Bhai Gurvinder Singh noticed a group of volunteers who were serving milk and bread to the patients in the morning & evening after seeing this, he got inspired by the service of youths and thought to start this kind of service in Sirsa. After discharging from D.M.C. hospital Ludiana, Bhai Gurvinder Singh didn’t leave the hope. He went to many hospitals for better treatment. In this course three years were passed but lower limbs of the body was not responding positively.
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