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Story of Veeda: A Journey From Karnataka To Bhai Kanhaiya Ashram

Once a mentally challenged woman was seen roaming around the village of Moriwala in a very helpless and precarious condition. The people of village Moriwala informed Bhai Kanahaiya Ashram about the woman, then ashram workers were given a bath and wore clean clothes and started the treatment. Soon she started living a comfortable life in the Ashram. Then she told us her name is Veda. Our Ashram’s servitor asked her about her family and home but she is speaking the Kannada language and the servitors can’t understand the language. She seemed to be a South Indian from her language. One day Bhai Gurvinder Singh thought to contact S.P AshwinShenvi (IPS) who is a citizen of Karnataka. He came to the Ashram and talked to Veda then she told her village name and about her family. Then ashram contacted her family and informed them that his sister Veda is safe and residing in the ashram for the last 1 year. But he told us her name was Vedawati and she died two years ago and her Funeral was performed with their own hands.But soon this sad news turned into a happy one when her brother heard her voice on the telephone. They all were overwhelmed with joy in finding the truth that their sister was alright and safe and sound living in the ashram. Then Veda told her brother that she got mentally upset when her husband took her to a Tantric who tortured her by putting hot iron bars on her arms, saying that it would cure her of the mental illness. She ran away from there and got lost. Her family informed the Karnataka police about her missing, but the police could not locate her for quite some time. Then one day the police found a dead body of a woman and they informed Veda’s family and told them it can be their sister if they come and recognize it. Unfortunately, that body was some similarities to her sister Veda and they took it as god’s call they brought the dead body home and performed the last rites of her. At last, when they talked to her on the telephone they believe that their sister is alive and living at Bhai Kanahaiya Ashram and they were ready to bring her home.

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