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Bhai Kanahaiya Nursery

The environment encompasses the very essence of life. Trees and life share a symbiotic relationship, as they provide us with pure oxygen, an essential element for all living beings. It’s a fact that no creature can survive without oxygen. Additionally, trees and forests play a pivotal role in maintaining the quality of our land and soil. However, with the ever-increasing population, industrial development, and the adoption of modern lifestyles, human society places mounting pressure on the environment. This ongoing issue is growing in magnitude each year, bringing about economic, physical, and social challenges.

Recognizing the pressing danger and the need for global environmental protection in the face of issues like global warming, Gurvinder Singh decided to take action to contribute to the preservation of the environment. Initially, he engaged with individuals who could provide plants and facilitated the planting of these trees within the city and its surrounding areas. He also arranged for a water tank to ensure these plants received daily watering.

Taking inspiration from these initial efforts, Gurvinder Singh established a nursery named “Bhai Kanahaiya Nursery” on a 1.5-acre parcel of land. This nursery has been instrumental in cultivating and making available 50 different types of plants during the rainy seasons.

On July 14, 2022, Gurvinder Singh and his team planted over 1300 plants, comprising 55 to 60 varieties, on an additional half-acre of land near Bhai Kanahaiya Shiksha School. On this occasion, Mr. Ranjeet Singh Chautala, a prominent minister in the Haryana Government, served as the chief guest and officially inaugurated the “Bhai Kanahaiya Nursery” by planting a tree.