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Mission Milaap

We firmly believe that every individual has the inherent right and desire to live with their family. Consequently, one of the primary missions of our society is to reunite lost individuals with their families. To date, we have successfully brought joy to over 120 families by reuniting them with their missing loved ones.

When missing persons come to our Ashram, they are often in a mentally challenged, distressed, and despondent state. Upon admission, many of them cannot even recall their own names. Through extensive care and medical treatment, we work tirelessly to help them recollect their residential addresses or the location of their native village, town, or city. Members of our trust embark on round-the-clock efforts to trace their families, involving inquiries with local authorities, including the concerned police stations, and leveraging the power of the internet.

Once the missing person’s family is identified, we establish contact with the relevant police authorities and share the inmate’s details and photographs. Through persistent phone calls and reminders, we facilitate the return of these lost individuals. They are either reunited with their families or, in the case of economically disadvantaged families, personally escorted to their homes in the presence of the appropriate police officials. Our dedicated efforts have led to successful reunions with inmates hailing from distant states such as West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, and more.