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Bhai Kanhaiya Aashram stands as a sanctuary of hope and refuge, providing shelter to the helpless and needy in their times of greatest need. Situated amidst a backdrop of compassion and community, the aashram's doors are open wide to all who find themselves without a home or a place to lay their head.

Within the tranquil confines of the aashram, those in need are welcomed with warmth and kindness. Dedicated volunteers, inspired by the teachings of selfless service, work tirelessly to ensure that the shelter remains a safe and supportive environment for all who seek its solace.

The aashram's dormitories offer a temporary haven for individuals and families facing homelessness or housing insecurity. Clean and comfortable bedding provides a respite from the harsh realities of life on the streets, while basic amenities such as showers and restroom facilities offer a sense of dignity and privacy.

Beyond providing physical shelter, Bhai Kanhaiya Aashram also strives to address the underlying causes of homelessness and poverty through a range of supportive services. Case managers work closely with residents to connect them with resources such as job training, educational opportunities, and mental health counseling, empowering them to regain stability and independence.

In addition to its on-site shelter facilities, Bhai Kanhaiya Aashram also operates outreach programs aimed at reaching those who may be living on the fringes of society. Mobile shelters and street outreach teams venture into underserved communities, offering food, clothing, and assistance to those who may be reluctant or unable to seek help through traditional channels.

Central to the aashram's mission is the belief that every individual deserves to be treated with dignity and respect, regardless of their circumstances. Volunteers and staff members go above and beyond to create a supportive and inclusive environment where all are valued and welcomed as part of the community.

Through its unwavering commitment to providing shelter to the helpless and needy, Bhai Kanhaiya Aashram serves as a beacon of hope and compassion in a world too often marred by indifference and neglect. It stands as a testament to the transformative power of love and solidarity, reminding us all of our shared humanity and the importance of extending a helping hand to those in need.

What We Do

BKMS Causes


After being rescued and admitted, the destitute person is receiving medical treatment.


At Bhai Kanahaiya Ashram, services and care are provided during the illness recovery.


We offer nourishing meals at Our Ashram with affectionate attention.


Bhai Kanahaiya Ashram offers a shelter with a welcoming home-like atmosphere.


After receiving care and support from the Ashram, the residents are reunited with their families upo